4 Fail-proof Ways To Enhance Your Business’s Security

Good security is a must when you own a business or enterprise. Staff and stock need to be kept safe and secure so that work gets done and everything ticks over. Not only is it important to safeguard your valuables and assets but your compliance with safety regulations can also ensure a safe working environment for one and all, which is something that should not be compromised with. Here are 4 easy security solutions for your business that can boost productivity and ensure higher returns on investment!

1 –Visitor Management Systems
A visitor management system is a technology used to track visitors in a formal way. This ensures that no stranger or trespasser gets easy access to your premise unless allow it. All the entry data is stored in a systematic manner, giving you the chance to revisit and cross-check in case of any mishappening. Even your employees will feel more comfortable knowing that any strangers or guests on-site have been processed through a Visitor Management system and screened accordingly.
2 – Access Control
Controlling who enters your building or premises is the next line of defense. Again, there are a variety of fobs, keypads and even biometric methods to suit. Staff and trusted visitors are easily allowed whereas anyone with no particular business or purpose is kept out.Access control can also be linked to your Fire Alarm, CCTV and time and attendance systems, to create a complete safety and security solution.
3 – Intrusion Alarm Systems
Another efficient and promising way to keep intruders out of your premises is by installing Intrusion Alarms. Even the most dedicated boss has to sleep at some point! A quality intruder alarm will protect your business while you are not there. First, it acts as a deterrent to opportunist and amateur robbers who will look for easier pickings. Then, it also acts an early warning for any more determined criminals. With a monitored alarm system, any alert is checked immediately and acted upon. If you qualify for Police Response, this will be called for and your keyholders notified.
4 – CCTV Systems
Externally, CCTV is a deterrent to thieves and vandals. Along with24X7 monitoring on your valuables and vehicles, it empowers the owner the power of information- in the event of intrusion, instant notifications are sent to the owners as well as to helping authority. Internally, security cameras put off petty thieves and pilferers that nibble at your profits. They also ensure safety for your staff, especially lone workers or those who work during offbeat hours.Wherever you have cameras, make sure you use an accredited installer with up to date knowledge of GDPR as well as good quality HD equipment.
How eZONE Security Solutions can help you?
With eZONE Security Solutions, business owners can be notified of unauthorized entry into their commercial premise. Once the Intrusion Alarm goes off, our 24×7 functioning Central Monitoring System can alert the concerned authorities (police, fire brigade, ambulance).Our 24 X 7 365 days operational Central Monitoring Station along with Quick Response Team makes us different from the other solution providers in the market and empowers our customers with a top-notch level of security.
The highly responsive Quick Response Team (QRT) of eZONE can reach the spot of crime within an average of 10 minutes. The Intrusion Alarm is specially designed with a ‘Panic Switch’ that can be used in cases of any fire or medical emergencies. The Panic Switch ensures that you get the help at the earliest time possible. Over the past 16 years, with the assistance and security solutions of eZONE, hundreds of crimes have been deterred, properties protectedand several lives saved.
Get in touch with us at +91 98483 98483 to know more. For more information on our smart security solutions, visit https://ezonesecurity.com/safe-security-solutions/.

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