Ignoring these fire safety codes can cost you heavy. Learn more

Fire safety is of utmost importance for all high rise buildings, as many lives are tied with it. More than 17,000 people had died in 2015 alone according to the government data due to fire accidents. The problem arises from the fact that fire safety regulations are highly neglected in our country, which later on gives rise to disastrous fire incidents.

A fire risk assessment must be carried out for every multi-storey building in order to safeguard people, property and assets. Moreover by watching out for the warning signs, one can take adequate fire safety measures and dismiss the possibility of any tragedy.

Here are some of the ways by which we can implement fire safety for the buildings.

Report electrical faults: One can begin by identifying the potential fire hazards in their buildings. The major fire accidents in the last 5 years in various metropolitan cities was caused due to electrical short circuit. Thus damaged electrical cords and circuits should be replaced straightaway.

Have easy access to electrical control panels: Electrical control panels are beneficial for it gives easy access to shut the system down in case of any emergency and imminent danger. Especially large organizations benefit from access control solutions; by integrating their areas of fire, security, elevators, HVAC, lighting, water meters, BTU Meters, billing, etc.

Have a proper evacuation route: The first rule of fire management requires the availability of open spaces and properly established emergency outlet. The pathway for emergency exits should be marked by photo-luminescent signage to offer message visibility even at night.

Install smoke detectors and fire suppressors:Professionally installed and maintained, addressable fire alarm system is the key to keeping fire accidents at bay. Fire alarms provide the early vital warning giving one enough time to evacuate. Even automatic sprinkler systems can lower the cost of damage by 60%.

Conduct regular fire drills: Most of the damage during a fire accident occurs due to the panicking of the crowd and this often leads to stampede. By conducting fire drills occasionally, people can get accustomed to the standard practice and procedure of evacuating. Major catastrophes can be prevented by educating people about fire emergency protocols.

Use fire-resistive materials during construction: Fire flames have brought down major commercial centres and high-rise buildings in India. This indicates that proprietors do not pay attention to appropriate construction plan that can reduce the possibility of fires. Hence buildings should be constructed using fireproof insulation materials only.

Comply with National Building Code:A couple of days after the Surat fire incident, over 9000 buildings were found unsafe on inspection. Many buildings violate the standard norms of building safety and thereby pave the way for tragic accidents. Thus every building should be compliant with the national and local fire codes.

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