Is your building fire assessment ready? Here are the 6 most important steps.

The structure of every commercial building is unique. Hence the risk assessment will unearth different issues for each business – some may be minor and some more pressing concerns.Nevertheless, these issues need to be addressed immediately and acted upon.Ignoring or forgetting the standard fire regulations code can cost you heavy. Many lives are associated with the safety of any workplace and thus one should not take them lightly.

We have put together a quick checklist so you can easily identify the next steps you need to take after your fire risk assessment. Read on and ensure you are fully compliant with the law.Here are the 6 most important things you need to know to follow up on your fire assessment and stay within the law:
1. Record your findings systematically. The first step to tackling fire and security risks is by documenting them. You are legally required to record your risk assessments if your business has over five employees.
2. Contact the relevant authority to raise any concerns. Did you find something likely to cause harm that is not going to be fixed? If you see something you think is breaking the law you should report it to Health & Safety Executive using their online form.
3. Take action right away. Paperwork on its own makes no difference – only when you start to take action are you protecting the staff and visitors. Think about the short and long term measures you can enforce to get quick wins and long term effectiveness and put them into place.
4. Contact fire and security installers. As a result of your assessment you may be required to add, update or fix fire and security systems including emergency lighting, fire alarm systems, fire extinguishers or access control. This is a job for the professionals.
It is crucial to pick a competent supplier – don’t cut corners by hiring your electrician friend or local handy man. We recommend choosing an accredited supplier so you can be rest assured that the fire and security systems are fully compliant with the law, and the engineers are insured.
5. Schedule appointments for new systems, updates and maintenance. Depending on your risk assessment conclusions, you may need to add fire and security measures or schedule maintenance on existing systems.
6. Review and update your fire risk assessment record – document the changes to the workplace health and safety so your records are up to date.

Being the Responsible Person is a daunting task. There are so many procedures to follow and laws to abide by. Following up on your fire risk assessment is just one part of the bigger picture.
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