Test your Burglar Alarms with these 3 steps

Remember the adage, “Better to be safe than sorry?” This is the principle one should follow when it comes to testing their burglar alarms. Testing the alarm system will not only give you tremendous peace of mind but also ensures that it is functioning properly.
In the course of running a check-up, if you come across certain malfunctions, then you can contact our technical experts and get it sorted way beforehand.
What is the importance of checking Burglar Alarm system and how often should you do it?
Experts recommend that you do a self-test of your home burglar alarm systems once in every six months. This way you can spot any connectivity errors and have them rectified as soon as it occurs.
How to run the actual test?
• Arm your burglar alarm system. Make sure that it’s on and then leave the house, locking the main door.
• Walk around the perimeter of your house and test each window and door that is connected to the system. When you walk near a sensor, it should trigger the alarm. If the siren is sounded, then it means that the system is working correctly. If you are running the test with the help of the security expert, then they will turn off the siren as you check each sensor. If you’re doing it by yourself, then you’ll have to turn off the siren manually, before proceeding to the next sensor.
• Once you have checked every door and window connected to your burglar alarm system, repeat the test for every motion sensor, by walking in front of it.
Remember to deactivate the test mode once you have completed the test.If you find any sensor that isn’t working properly, then get in touch with burglar alarm maintenance experts and have it replaced.
Now that you have successfully tested the functioning of your home security system, you can breathe easy knowing that you’ve taken the right steps to protect your loved ones and valuable assets.
Some additional rules that can make your house more secure
• Use an alarm that supports an ethernet cable and sends email or other alerts via the internet. Also keep the internet cable buried or concealed so that it is out of the reach and sight of miscreants.
• Install the alarm central unit in the middle of the house, so that the jamming device is less effective due to distance.
• Look for an alarm system that offers encryption and rolling codes for the remote control and sensors.
• Install the magnetic door switch on a metal surface. If the door is not made of metal then mount it on a small iron platform.
• As mentioned before, conceal the sensors and the alarm system. Also look for an alarm with microwave motion sensors.
• Do not install the alarm system all by yourself as you might miss out on some important detail about configuration of the system.
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