Top 5 benefits of important security updates for your company

One of the biggest challenges a commercial business faces in the modern world is maintaining a foolproof security level within their business premise. At both the physical and IT levels, making a company safer while confronted with these concerns requires an organization-wide commitment. Protecting your assets and inventory is an essential part of good business management. Part of that process involves periodically assessing the effectiveness of your small business security system.

Over the past several years, technology has evolved to the point where more reliable, powerful tools have become accessible to small businesses that did not exist back in the day. With proper usage of latest technology one can ensure the safety and security of their business, employees, and even customers. Hence in today’s article we are going to discuss the absolute need of keeping security systems up to date.

• Get better ROI: Adding motion sensor-activated cameras can keep your business secure and eliminate the need to watch hours of surveillance footage in the event of an incident on your premises. Newer digital formats also make it faster and easier to collect and distribute video evidence to the authorities. Today, monitoring solutions are more affordable than ever and a stipulated amount per month can save your lakhs of heard-earned possessions in case of a break-in.
• Enhanced monitoring of every corner: If you already have remote monitoring but have not upgraded within the last two to three years, consider the method your current system uses to alert the alarm company. Are you still using a wired relay system that runs through your phone line? If so, you could be slowing response time considerably. On the other hand wireless systems are capable of alerting your alarm monitoring company almost instantly.
• Get a wide overview of your business: Latest models of commercial camera surveillance have uncovered employee vandalism and criminal activities. By updating your existing operations with up-to-date security systems, you can enhance overall business operations, curb inappropriate behavior in the workplace and maximize safety for all.
• Security auditing: Keeping your business security system up-to-date is an investment in the continued health and success of your business. You want to make sure your system is fulfilling the following needs: efficiency in higher quality video storage, compliance with modern security infrastructure and perfect surveillance tools.
• Compliance with modern infrastructure: Modern systems do a significantly better job than older ones of allowing you to not only have footage on-hand, but to develop a detailed database of what types of incidents occurred and when. A modern IT infrastructure should be one that accurately documents incidents in a fashion to ensure that occurrences don’t go unnoticed.

Implementing updates to a security system within a commercial operation requires a certain level of advocacy and ongoing dedication. Stakeholders often don’t appreciate the value of upgrades until a potentially avoidable incident happens.
So stay informed and updated regarding security systems. Partner with eZONE Security Solutions to push for the changes that are needed to provide real business security. To know further about our services, call us at 9848398483.

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