Why you need to install Biometric Door Locks this year?

Biometric door locks have made personal identification much efficient. It uses the unique character of an individual that is his/her fingerprint. When a fingerprint is applied to the biometric door locks, it not only looks modern but safer than traditional lock systems. We hear about security breaches, break-ins and thefts all the time but what are we really doing about it? The best way to secure your homes and businesses from trespassers is by updating your lock system!

In this blog, we’ll discuss some of the advantages of biometric fingerprint lock and why to upgrade to eZONE this year!
Providing Efficient Security
We all are aware that no two people in the world have the same fingerprints. The design of each fingerprint is unique and not even identical twins have the same fingerprint. When this amazing character is applied in an electronic lock system, it not only shows how technology has advanced but also, how home security has got a better option.
An individual can add his/her fingerprint to the biometric lock, and it is recorded in the system. Only he/she can gain entrance to the house or business premise once the fingerprint is accepted. The best thing about these lock systems is that it cannot be hacked, over-ridden. It also removes the hassle of passwords and cards that can easily be stolen.
Removes the Hassle of Keys
We all have lost keys sometime in our lives. Carrying a bunch of keys is a nuisance. The worst part is once a key is lost, the entire lock system has to be changed. Hence, wasting time and money. However the scenario is quite different in the case of biometric door locks.
The fingerprint can neither be lost lost nor copied. No one can gain access unless your fingerprint is accepted by the program.
User Friendly
Biometric locks are easy to install and operate. After you have programmed the system, it will work perfectly and doesn’t require high maintenance in the long run. It is affordable and cost-effective. When it comes to these locks, always remember to take the high-quality ones that can withstand rain without rusting and doesn’t require additional repairs or even replacements.
With eZONE’s services, our team will install and program your biometric door locks at your convenience.
Having a secure home is an essential part of our lives especially in this twenty-first century. And what is better than installing a biometric system instead of traditional locks. They are the best choice for protecting our homes and businesses.
About eZONE Biometric Door Locks

eZONE Security Solutions provides one of the best biometric door locks that applies to international advanced fingerprint identification modules with imported chips and have high-rank safety identification ways. It is primarily designed on a leading fingerprint identification system equipped with all kinds of interface treated technology.
We provide L1000 and L2000 serial fingerprint locks. You can use our lock systems in office, hotels, banks, customs, villas and independent homes and apartments.
Why Install Our Biometric Locks Today?
• Hi-tech blue LED lock display
• Unabraded locks
• Made from Zinc-alloy materials
• Modern and fashionable looking
• Registration capacity
o L1000
 150 fingerprints
 450 passwords
 240 ID numbers
o L2000
 450 fingerprints
 240 passwords
 150 ID numbers
Raise the bar of your home safety with biometric locks. Make your unique fingerprint your ultimate key! Upgrade your homes to new age biometric door locks and stay assured of safety. For installation, call us at +91 98483 98483.

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